About Us

Our vision is to replace one-time use food service ware and packaging with reusable solutions. Why? When someone drops a recyclable product into a recycle bin, there is no guarantee that it will be recycled properly or transformed into something new and usable. Too often, it is ultimately converted to garbage which wastes raw materials, energy, money, and adds to our planet’s pollution. Why not use solutions that can be reused hundreds of times? We can all make a change!

Reusable Packaging and Dining Products

Use of reusable packaging and food service ware is becoming a strong interest in our communities and schools. Our influence on the innovation of such products will produce a healthier environment and a more circular economy.

Tracking and Collecting Data

By tracking the lifecycle of packaging, we will impact organizations to reuse and ultimately lengthen the life of an item, therefore reducing waste.

Encourage Sustainability

Encouraging sustainability is key to our success. Educating people on reuse vs recycle is important for saving raw materials, energy and money.

What We're About

We are a family-oriented team looking to improve Earth for future generations. Our passion is to make reuse simple and accessible so that it becomes the norm and we all reap the benefits. All our products are made in the USA of the highest quality!


Our Goal

Creation of a worldwide community that embraces reuse is our ultimate goal. We are an environmental impact organization focusing on creating solutions that lengthen the life of an item, therefore taking materials out of the waste stream.

Our Experience

Our team is made up of entrepreneurs with proven expertise in logistics, technology, and communications. With our experience and influence, we will introduce sustainably managed products for a healthier planet and better community.

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